The Real Deal! Real Live Casino UK, with your very own dealer, other real people and still in the comfort of wherever you are! In 12 years since its debut in 2003 Live Casino has taken the internet by storm, and with high-speed connections and greater resolution webcams this gaming staple is here to stay, probably forever. All tables are real, nonstop and making a real profit – all are waiting for YOU!

Come and play with our beautiful live dealers and other players live through video – live games, live smiles and live hard cash wins! Pick between our selection of Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack and draw for the win with crystal clear resolution. Nothing technical will disturb your gaming experience at Casino Cruise as our lovely dealers lay out the game in front of you in real time.

Live Casino is only played with real money, yet practice mode is still available for you with all our other online games - in case you need a round without live winnings. Choose your game from our games section, No deposit needed, nothing but your next win to keep you seated. When you’re ready for live play put your skill to the test against the best at Casino Cruise.



Virtual Versus Live Casino Online

Online casinos typically feature virtual versions of the same games offered at land- based casinos. In virtual casino games, a player’s blackjack hand or roulette spin is determined by automated processes; there is no human croupier responsible for dealing the cards or spinning the wheel. This benefits the casino which does not have to pay salaries to dealers, and it benefits the player who does not have to wait for cards to be manually reshuffled or payouts to be distributed to other players at the table before starting a new game. Some web-based casinos offer live casino online, which features a real person on the other side of the screen, conducting the game at a physical gaming table which is visible on players’ television or computer consoles via live-stream video links. As with virtual casino games, the dealer’s actions (card distribution, roulette wheel spins) are translated into data that comes across instantly on the screen. Many online casinos have their own television channels, with players placing bets through their television remote controls or mobile phones. Text chat functions as a way for dealers and players to communicate in real time.


Play The Most Popular Casino Games Live Online

Live dealer casino games may not feature the same selection as virtual gaming due to the technology and staffing needs and the necessity to dedicate physical rooms to the gaming tables, roulette wheels and camera equipment. In addition to a flesh-and- blood dealer, cameramen and pit bosses are involved in the live online gaming process. However, the most popular online games are the easiest to play in a live format. Live casino table games offered by online casinos usually include blackjack and baccarat, with live roulette online another common option. As with virtual casino games, odds and payouts for live casino games are often comparable to brick-and-mortar casino facilities. To attract new players, many online casinos offer non-cashable bonuses which form a part of the player's balance. In many cases, no deposit is required on the part of the player, who uses the bonus “money” to play games. However, the bonuses do not have any real cash value, and cannot be cashed out when a player is finished with a gaming session.


Live casino hold em roulette


Live Casino History and Attraction

As long as people believed in fortune there have been games of chance made to make a fortune. What started out around campfires and tents grew stronger and more structured with time. The 7th century brought Keno sanctioned by the Chinese government in order to raise money for the Great Wall of China, with western lotteries started for similar purposes in the 15th century. The first gaming establishments for pure fun were built in 17th Century Italy. Since then gaming has continued to evolve into the first virtual casino in 1994. Internet transactions were made safer, legal systems were set up to ensure fair play, and players around the world were able to enjoy their personal bite of Monte Carlo from the comfort of their own home.

With the rise of the social networks, higher speed connections and better webcams the internet became a place not just for playing but for making friends. With video chat players could finally play with other people and not just a virtual character of a dealer or another player. The personal touch was back and one company saw the chance to bring it into gaming.

In 2003, Playtech developed the first Live Casino platform and featuring live dealers playing a game of live blackjack with online players through video chat. Due to slow internet connections in many homes Live play was slow and choppy, causing many players to choose the usual online games instead. With a small audience, casinos did not invest in Live games and the Live gaming was left on the shelf for a while. But in few short years of high-speed internet connection - live gaming have brought Live Casino into the forefront of gaming, making it into the best way to make a profit while having real Casino Cruise fun!

Casino Cruise’s Live Casino features Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.


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Evolution Games

At Casino Cruise we use the very best live gaming solutions and infrastructure – including the widest selection of live tables at every range of players and private dealers at the highest HD resolution with 200 frames per second. Our Casino Cruise live provider has two central, state-of-the-art Live Casino production studios, fully staffed with private dealers for our hot action live tables. We are fully committed and fully equipped to give you the maximum thrill as the game gets hot and heavy.

From this leading edge, ISO 27001: 2013 compliant studio facility Evolution licensees have broadcast and developed a premium Live Casino experience for your personal pleasure.

  • A trusted, secure, 24/7/365 solution in the world’s leading Live Casino offering and infrastructure
  • Cost-effective shared live tables, which allow licensee branding in the Live Lobby area and configurable betting limits
  • Dedicated tables and environments
  • All gaming activity monitored in real time in our Mission Control Room (MCR) for rapid intervention and resolution of any service, player behavior - or fraud-related issues


Licensing and regulation

Genesis Global Limited is incorporated under the laws of Malta (C65325) at registered address 28, GB Buildings, Level 3, Watar Street, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1301, Malta. Genesis Global Limited is licensed and regulated by the British Gambling Commission with account 45235. Gambling can be harmful; our Responsible Gaming page helps you to stay in control.




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