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From Traditional Slots to Video Slots – The Fun Never Ends

Slots games are a dime a dozen, but in that variety is a fantastic selection of unique gaming options for each and every player. Whether you choose to play at a land-based casino or an online casino, the sheer variety of slots games variations is mind-boggling. With each different type of slots game, a unique set of rules is used to govern the payouts, winning combinations, features and casino hold. Slots games vary from one to the next across multiple lines including themes, number of spinning reels, number of paylines, wagering options, jackpot payouts and so forth. This comprehensive article covers most every aspect of slots games variations you could possibly find, from loose slots to 3D slots, online slots, free slots, traditional casinos slots games, penny slots and beyond. As a fan of slots, you will find hundreds of reasons to immerse yourself in the most popular casino games on the planet.

Penny slots games

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As its namesake suggests, penny slots can be played with pennies. Decades ago, this type of slot game may not have had much mass-market appeal owing to the value of the penny back then. However, nowadays pennies are not even worth the metal they are manufactured with and this makes penny slots a particularly enticing prospect for players. The penny is the lowest common denominator in the currency food chain and it is refreshing to know that the penny has value when it comes to playing your favourite casino games. When you win off penny slots games, the payouts may not be substantial in hard currency, but in terms of percentage payouts, you could mint it in a big way. These games function in much the same way as a typical video slot game or a classic slot game in that you deposit your wagers and you spin the reels. Once the requisite number of symbols lines up on the spinning reels on activated paylines you will win a prize.

Players are routinely surprised by the action and excitement of playing penny slots games. There are all manner of extras waiting for you in the form of free spins, bonuses, multipliers and rapidly accumulating jackpots. The flipside of it is that you should be advised that you will likely spend way more than a penny on every spin. Some penny slots games end up taking as much as quarter slots games if you don't allocate a budget and stick to it. It is very easy to get caught up in the appeal of penny slots games and to keep adding to your wagers, knowing that you’re merely wagering pennies at a time. The nice thing about penny slots games is that you get loads of credits for your deposits. If you deposit $5, you will receive 500 penny slots credits – it looks and feels like a lot and it liberates you to wager more per spin than you otherwise would.

Surely casinos may be using a degree of psychology on players with penny slots games, but the fact of the matter is that pennies really are the lowest ranking form of currency that you can use to play slot machine games. If you have an aversion to spending quarters or dollars, you will naturally gravitate towards penny slots which are affordable and which provide the same level of slots excitement – sans the big payouts – as other higher paying slot machine games. Be advised that when you're playing penny slot machines, there are often scores of paylines in play, and you will be required to wager on multiple paylines to get started. The more paylines you wager on, the more likely you are to hit winning combinations on the spinning reels. For example, you may be playing a 5 reel slot machine game featuring 25 paylines at 3 pennies per payline ($0.03). That could set you back $0.75 for every spin, and if you are spending 5 pennies per pay line ($0.05), you are spending $1.25 per spin. It is a good idea to be fully aware of the total costs per spin and not simply the cost per line when you're playing penny slots games.

Nickel slots, dime slots, quarter slots, $100 slots etc.

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In much the same way as penny slots are enticing propositions to players, you may find nickel slots, dime slots and quarter slots equally exciting. Depending on your personal budget, you may find that penny slots are best suited to your style of play and your wallet. Other players may be more comfortable playing nickel slots, perhaps even dime slots. When you move into quarter slots and $1 slots, things become a lot more expensive. Consider that the minimum wagers have to be made in order for you to play these slots games for real money. If you only have a few dollars in your pocket, you will be hard-pressed to play $1 slots games owing to budget constraints.

Your best bet in this instance would be to play penny slots games, nickel slots games or quarter slots games. There is another interesting fact about opting for higher denomination slots games: the RTP rates are significantly higher as you move up the ladder. This is to say that penny slots will have the worst RTP rates and the highest casino hold. $5 slots and higher will have the highest RTP rate for players and the lowest casino hold. Believe it or not, $5 slot machine games are not the most expensive slots variations you can play as a high roller – some high roller slot machine games can cost you upwards of $100 per spin. The sheer variety in wagering possibilities with slots games is astounding, that's why it behooves players to consider their options before simply depositing blindly.

Traditional Slots Games

When it comes to differentiating slots games according to variety, there is plenty available to players. Traditional slots are one such category of slot machine games that you can enjoy and these are the classic variant. They feature 3 spinning reels and a single payline. Naturally, you can play these at online casinos too, but they are designed in such a way as to emulate the authentic slots games of yesteryear. These are known by many different names, notably one armed bandits, and software manufacturers have gone to great lengths to imitate these classic slots as best they can. Make no mistake about it; there is still a large market for traditional slots games, even though they are less appealing than 5 reel, 243 ways to win video slots games. Reel slots as they are sometimes known are derivations of mechanical slots games that were the mainstay of land-based casinos the world over. Typical symbols that you would find on these traditional slots games include cherries, fruits, bells, 7s and the like. Just because it has 3 reels does not make it a traditional slots game; some video slots games also have 3 reels, but they typically have 5 reels as you're about to see.

Video Slots Games Variations

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Nowadays, anyone who plays slot machine games online or at land-based casinos is well familiar with video slots games. These are the most popular attractions in house and they command a dutiful following among players. As mentioned earlier, they can support between 3 reels and 5 reels and they typically feature around 25 paylines. The sheer number of winning combinations that are possible on video slots games is immense. These games display all of the action on a screen as opposed to a land-based physical machine. The beauty of video slots games is that every new spin is independent of every other spin that came before it. The outcomes of these slot machine games are governed by chance alone, which means that no special skills are needed to play and win with the slots games. Random number generators ensure that you stand a fair shot of winning every single time you deposit and spin.

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It is relatively easy to win in these types of games by matching at least 2 symbols on activated paylines. Make no mistake about it – video slots are a major step up from traditional slots in every way. They feature bonus rounds, free spins, animated features, 3D graphics and the like. It is this wide variety of features that draws players towards video slots more so than any other game. The experience that you get to enjoy when you're playing video slots games goes well beyond the financial rewards that you will enjoy – it is the actual experience that is well worth the effort. Slots designers put tremendous effort into designing high-tech features for video slots games.

Slot Machine Game Variations5

Among others, you will enjoy wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, gamble features and even free spins. To find out all of the details about the different features and combinations of symbols in video slots games simply navigate to the paytable for more information. Depending on the individual video slot game that you are playing, you can enjoy additional features in the form of mini-games too. Nowadays, video slots games come standard with actual video clips from movies that show up on the reels when certain combinations of symbols have been activated. The number of video slot machine manufacturers that compete with one another for players is growing all the time. Among the most popular software manufacturers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Vivo, Play ‘N Go and Random Logic. The level of interactivity is increasing all the time, with gaming developers now providing players with 7 reels, and sometimes even 9 reels of slots fun.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Games

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As a slots player, you know that chasing the money is what it's all about. When it comes to playing slots for real cash, there is nothing to substitute for progressive jackpot slots games. These slots attractions are marvels to behold and they feature massive jackpot prizes where a portion of every wager that is made goes into a progressive jackpot prize pool for the eventual winners. There is no need to worry about complexity with progressive jackpot games – they are as easy to play as video slots or classic slots. The difference with these games is that they are connected to one another in some form or fashion, and sometimes they are stand-alone progressive jackpot games. The beauty of having a progressive jackpot slots game to play is that everyone who plays that game for real money will be contributing towards the eventual progressive jackpot prize that gets paid out. These jackpots get reseeded at set amounts by the casino or the software manufacturer, so you will always be able to play for a massive prize with these types of games. If you're wondering what type of jackpot you could win, they range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars – depending on the popularity of the game, and the number of casinos or networks that the game is connected to. Your likelihood of winning a progressive jackpot is not dependent upon how much you wager – everything relies solely upon the random number generators. However you will always want to wager as much as possible so that you will win the maximum progressive jackpot prize.

Casual Style Casino Slots Games

Not every slot machine game that you play will fall into a fixed category such as a video slot game or a penny slot game or a traditional slot game. Sometimes, there are slot machine games that are unique in every way and they are light-hearted attractions that deserve their own category. This category is known as a casual style casino slots game. There are many such games like this available, although they are in a minority. At first glance they may not appear to be slots games, but upon closer inspection you can see that they function in much the same way as a typical slots game. The absence of spinning reels may throw you off, but don't be fooled. Games like Cubis qualify as casual style casino slots games and so do many arcade style games. Games like Bejeweled also come to mind. These types of slot machine games typically have a structure where different types of paying symbols or blocks will fall from the top of the screen to form winning combinations. As you rack up certain numbers of winning combinations, those blocks may disappear and new blocks will keep falling until such time as all possibilities have been exhausted. Naturally, the level of complexity in different types of casual style casino slots games may vary and it is incumbent upon you as a player to carefully understand the rules of the game before you wager real money.

What about loose slots machines games and tight slot machines games?.

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Slots players depend on luck and many of them are superstitious. To this end, there are players who believe that certain slot machine games are either loose, or they go through periods where they pay out more than they do at other times. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum there are players who believe that slot machines may be tight and are unlikely to pay out irrespective. Let it be known from the outset that all casinos that operate under licence from a regulated gaming jurisdiction have to comply with all of the rules, procedures and requirements of the authorities under which they operate. Simply put, this means that the outcomes all slots games are governed by computerized programs known as random number generators. These are typically built into the slot machine game by the manufacturer and the only things that can be altered by the casino in question are the RTP percentage or the casino hold.

The actual outcomes of the RNG are fixed and subject to verification by gambling authorities. Players may believe that a certain machine is a loose machine because it tends to pay out more during a particular gaming session. It may simply be that the machine is paying out at a certain point, irrespective of the player’s perception thereof. In order to ascertain whether a machine is loose or not, one only needs to look at the return to player percentage. This will invariably always be less than 100%, which means that over the long term the player will lose a certain percentage of every $1 wagered. In the short term however anything is entirely possible and players can always win big. Dismissing loose slots machines and tight slot machines would be a disservice to players who believe that there is merit in these concepts. However from a purely mathematical/statistical perspective this is a fallacy.

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