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Slots are the most popular games at casinos around the world. They come in different formats, including classic slots games with 3 spinning reels and a limited number of paylines, video slots with HD animation and audio-visuals, and progressive slots with huge payouts. While each slots variant caters to a specific niche market of players, many of them have terrific crossover potential. It’s common to see video slots fans enjoying classic reel slots, and progressive jackpot slots.

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Quick History on Video Slots Games

Slots came about at the end of the 19th century. Since then, video slots games remain the most popular variant of them all. There is so much variety to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. The casino industry owes a debt of gratitude to slots manufacturers and the many different types of slots games that are now available. We have certainly come a long way from coin-operated machines to digital slots games. The popularity of online slots is largely due the creative flair of slots manufacturers.

Back in 1975, Walt Fraley created the modern-day slot known as Fortune Coin. Players didn’t take kindly to it in the beginning, but the rise of video poker in the 1980s turned things around. IBM computers and video game consoles enhanced the popularity of new age video slot machine games, and rapid technological gains paved the way for its universal popularity. Various elements have been added to video slots games along the way, such as bonus games, free spins rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, storylines, animation and the like.

At first glance, a typical video slot looks like a classic slot game. But it’s their functionality that makes them unique. All slots outcomes are determined by RNGs (random number generators). These computerized programs act independently of your bets and simply randomize the outcomes of spinning symbols on the reels. The moment a slot game has been activated, the RNG automatically generates a spin result. The spinning reels that you see in action are simply done for dramatic effect, to emulate the real-life movement of a slot machine game.

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What Makes Classic Slot Games and Video Slot Games Unique?

There are significant differences between classic slots games and video slots. Back in the olden days, Las Vegas casinos featured rows of one-armed bandits (slots games) for players to enjoy. Many of these were classic slots games, and they are similar to video slots. What makes them different are the features each of them has. Naturally, your preference for classic slots or video slots will determine which games you play. This slots guide will teach you everything you need to know about classic slot games, and video slots games.

Slot machine games are fashioned off the cultural nuances of retro-society, modern-day trends, cultural influences, historic events and era’s, Hollywood blockbusters, legendary characters etc. In fact, there are countless possibilities when it comes to thematic influences on slot games. The minute you activate a video slot game, the ritz and glitz of Vegas-style animation pops on your screen. There is no denying the differences between classic slots and video slots. Classic slots are appealing in that they are a throwback form of entertainment. They remind us of old-school Vegas slots games with 3 spinning reels and a handful of paylines.

There are generally no bonus rounds, free spins, wilds, and scatters on classic slots. However, they feature cherries, bars, bells, and lucky 7s. They are simple, yet enticing slots games. Since there are fewer paylines in play, and fewer symbols on the reels, it may be easier to form winning combinations on classic slots games. Video slots are different in every way. Instead of 3 reels, they feature 5 reels and plenty of paylines. Some video slots have 243+ paylines with multiple bonus rounds, free spins rounds, gamble features, expanding wilds, scatter symbols, video animation, and immersive technology.

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What Types of Video Slots Games Are There?

Players enjoy lots of variety with slots games. Video slots are in a privileged position, since there are so many different types of video slots games out there. Many of them are themed, with romance, action, adventure, superhero, history, Hollywood or other influences in play. Despite the aesthetic differences, they are all functionally similar in that they depend on RNGs for their outcomes. All online video slots games feature virtual reels. These are simply computer programs which mimic land-based slots on your screen. There are multiple elements that need to be considered when choosing a video slots game, including:

  • The number of paylines – players can choose between slots with a handful of paylines to slots with hundreds of paylines in play. All sorts of shapes and patterns are available, including scatter payout combinations. Typically, slots experts recommend that players wager across all paylines to stand the best chance of winning. Video slots are otherwise known as multi-line slots, owing to the large number of paylines in play.
  • The number of rows – video slots games vary in terms of the number of rows available with each game. You will see the rows by simply looking at a static image of the slot game. Most video slots have 4 or 5 rows. For classic slots like 3-reel slots, there are typically 3 horizontal rows. If you want more variety, choose a slot game with more rows.
  • The number of reels – video slots typically have 5 spinning reels. They are a handful of video slots feature 3 spinning reels.
  • Video slots with bonus rounds and free spins – players enjoy freebies and what better way to cash in than free spins slot games (3+ scatter symbols typically award free spins), multipliers, and bonus rounds. During a bonus round, a player chooses specific objects and receive a bonus credit. These bonus rounds feature rich audio-visual animation and rewards.
  • Progressive slots games – these games are unique in that a percentage of every bet placed in the progressive jackpot game goes towards the jackpot prize pool. As you can imagine, these jackpots can get pretty big. Once somebody wins the jackpot amount, it resets to a fixed amount. Progressive jackpot slots are available for video slots games and classic slots games. The biggest progressive jackpots are found in a progressive jackpot network with multiple online casinos participating. If you’re looking to win the progressive jackpot prize, it’s important to wager the maximum on each spin.
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How Do Classic Slots Differ from Video Slots Games?

We already know that video slots feature dazzling audio-visual animation, multiple spinning reels, and loads of paylines.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between classic reel slots and video slots games:

  • Classic slots are the most basic slots games online. They typically have 3 spinning reels and a handful of paylines.
  • Bets are rather limited on classic slots games, but they can rise rapidly and vary considerably with video slots games. Consider the massive progressive jackpot games with hundreds of paylines in play.
  • Video slots games are rich with animation, bonus games, free spins rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols, features, gamble elements etc. Classic slots games have none of this.
  • Both classic slots and video slots outcomes are determined by random number generators. These RNGs are computer-generated programs that randomize outcomes for slots spins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a classic slot game or a video slot game – RNGs are in play at all times.
  • In terms of odds of winning, there are no notable differences between playing classic slots (3-reel slots) or video slots (5-reel slots).
  • The biggest jackpots are typically found on video slots games, notably progressive slots games. Penny slots are often classic slots games.



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