Video poker is simply a variant of the traditional card game, played on a computer instead of at a casino table. Most online video poker is based on five card draw poker, not so different from slot machine poker games. The main difference, other than the more relaxed and convenient physical setting, is that video poker pits players against a machine rather than a live dealer. The advantages of this difference are manifold: without human competitors and dealers, players can focus on individual strategy and more games can be played in a single session.

Practice and Probability

Online video poker players are wise to practice by playing the free games offered by many web-based casinos. First of all, it familiarizes players with the visual layout of the betting environment and the particular rules of each website. The rules of video poker depend on the particular variant that is being played, but even if the rules are identical among various websites, there could be slight differences in betting procedures, so practice is essential. It is safe to assume that the goal of any online poker game is to hold the best combination of five cards compared to the dealer’s hand. A player can keep or exchange any number of his virtual cards in the quest to form pairs, three-of-a-kind, flushes, straights or a full house; the lower the probability of a given combination, the higher the payout to the player, as in traditional poker.

Video Poker Strategy

Unlike poker games held in land-based casinos where players sit together, online video poker involves none of the psychological influences between players, such as bluffing, intimidation or showing one’s emotionless “poker face” to affect a competitor’s next move. This means that mental skills can come to the forefront. Proper video poker strategy -- knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em -- can diminishes any house edge for the disciplined online video poker player. Video poker players should be focused on two things simultaneously: the value of the card combinations they hold, and the probability of drawing new cards which will improve their hands. One of the other important video poker tips is knowing how much to bet in a game, since this will influence how many games can be played without depositing more money. It is always best to play with winnings, and to set strict limits for bankroll management.

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