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Bingo is a chance-based game where players are tasked with matching numbers on their bingo cards with the numbers called out by the random number generator (RNG). The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity; no special skills, tactics or strategies are required to win bingo games. All that’s needed is to match the numbers on your bingo card with the called numbers and you’re in the money. The game comes in multiple variants, including 75 ball bingo (the US and Canadian favourite), 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo (the UK and European favourite). Each bingo variant sports a unique set of rules, different bingo cards and scores of interesting winning combinations. Players are required to complete winning patterns on their bingo cards, and these are derived from the numbers that have been drawn by the RNG, or in a bricks and mortar bingo hall courtesy of the bingo caller from a basket of bingo balls.

In traditional games of bingo, winners are required to call out the word Bingo! once they hit a winning combination. This in turn alerts the staff at the bingo hall, and the bingo host that a player has a winning combination. Once a winner has been announced, and the necessary checks have been done to verify the winning combination on the bingo cards, a new game can begin. One of the most notable aspects of bingo is its social nature. It is for this very reason that bingo has become the world’s #1 socially interactive game. In fact, very few games have been able to evolve and grow quite as rapidly as bingo. The modern game of bingo that countless millions have come to love and enjoy around the world began back in 1929. The evolution of the game has taken many exciting twists and turns over time, with multiple gaming jurisdictions exerting their authority over the manner in which bingo can be played and enjoyed. Such is the nature of the game, that there are no limits as to the ways in which it can be experienced and the winning combinations that can be formed.

Incredible Winning Combinations

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to find bingo games that require just 1 number to be matched with the called number in order to qualify for a prize. In other instances, players may be required to match 4 corners, diagonals, horizontals, or even random shapes, icons or picture-patterns. The ability of bingo to be whatever it needs to be in order to stay relevant in modern culture is unrivaled in the history of casino-style games. Bingo remains the traditional favourite that was enjoyed in bingo halls across the UK, the US and continental Europe, but it has evolved into so much more. Today, it is leading the charge as a technological marvel; a state-of-the-art gaming wunderkind that is just as relevant now as the most popular online casino games such as Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and others. The secret to bingo’s success rests in its ability to continually morph into whatever it needs to be to appeal to as many people across the spectrum as possible. In fact, this was bingo’s ad victoriam when critics had already written it off as yesteryear’s game. The evolution of bingo has been so dramatic, that it was able to successfully cut a swath across the demographic spectrum. Bingo may have been the mainstay of old ladies gathering on Sunday afternoons at the local bingo hall. Today, it boasts an impressive following spanning the young and old, rich and poor, male and female. The transition from what it was to what it is, has been nothing short of remarkable. The game of bingo is perhaps the world’s best example of a concerted and successful rebranding strategy.

75 Ball Bingo!

There are several variants of bingo that the world enjoys, and one of the most popular bingo games is 75 ball bingo. This game is played all around the world, but it has found a special place in the US and Canada. 75 ball bingo is played on 5 x 5 bingo cards where each column represents a letter of the word B-I-N-G-O. For example, the first column on the far left is the B and it represents numbers 1-15. Next in line is the letter I, with numbers 16-30. This is followed by N, with numbers 31- 45, G with numbers 46 – 60, and finally O with numbers 61 – 75. Combined, these cover all possible numbers in 75 ball bingo. As you guessed, the bingo cards can only contain numbers 1-75, but bingo cards can only contain a small fraction of those numbers given that there are only 24 possible spaces on the 5 x 5 card. The centre square is blanked out for players. It is either black or marked free space. There are no standard rules as to how many numbers need to be matched up with the called numbers in order to win bingo prizes. This will vary from one online bingo operator to the next. You may well find that your chosen online bingo room requires you to match patterns such as four corners, the letter L, the letter U, smiley faces, or even all 24 numbers on your 25-number bingo card. To this end, it is important to check up on the rules of your specific bingo game. When you play 75 ball bingo at an online bingo room, you have several options available to you including the following:

  • Auto daub the numbers with the gaming software
  • Manually daub the numbers by clicking on them

The beauty of playing 75 ball bingo is that the game takes place at a rapid pace. The coverall jackpot in 75 ball bingo games is typically much larger. And another thing about the game that is particularly enticing to players is that your winning combinations in 75 ball bingo are much broader than those in 90 ball bingo. Recall that the third column and the third row is blanked out, so instead of having 5 numbers from 31 to 45, you will only have 4 numbers in that column. It is this aspect of 75 ball bingo it makes it easily identifiable from all other variants of the game. Once you’re ready to start playing 75 ball bingo, you will need to purchase your tickets. Typically, several tickets must be purchased at a time as this allows the bingo operator to ramp up the prize pool and keep as many people playing as many games as possible. Bingo jackpots can range from a few quid to tens of thousands in jackpot payouts.

Free Bingo with Real Money Prizes

One of the most exciting aspects of 75 ball bingo, and all variants of bingo, is that there are free bingo games with real money prizes. The world’s leading online bingo rooms will often provide players with an opportunity to play free bingo games, with no money down. To get started, you would need to complete an online registration, verify your account details and play bingo. Real money prizes are available to winners, and while winnings may not be substantial they certainly can be. Consider for example that there are many ways to enjoy free bingo games, one of them being BOGOF. This acronym stands for buy one get one free, and it is really a great way to maximize your budget and your winning chances. Of course, the rules of the game are dependent on the bingo variant you’re playing and where you’re playing it. Recall the coverall that we spoke of earlier? That simply means that you cover all of the numbers marked on your bingo card. In order to do this, you will need to wait until the bingo caller, or random number generator, has called out all of the numbers that are on your bingo card. Coveralls typically pay out the most, while patterns, horizontal lines or diagonal lines pay out prizes too.

80 Ball Bingo

It is surprising that 80 ball bingo became as popular as it is, given that 75 ball bingo was accepted as the rapid-play bingo game. 80 ball bingo is nothing like 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo; it’s an entirely unique concept that has gained a massive following of players everywhere. For starters, 80 ball bingo is played on a grid comprising 16 squares. This 4 x 4 pattern is a mix of 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo in the sense that it is quicker than 90 ball bingo, but requires a little more effort than 75 ball bingo to complete the game. With 80 ball bingo cards, you will see multiple rows and columns. Each column is subdivided into 4 groups of numbers and colours. The Red group will contain numbers 1-20, the Yellow group contains numbers 21-40, the Blue group contains numbers 41-59 and the Silver group contains numbers 60-80. Winning combinations in 80 ball bingo are unique in the sense that you have Diagonal lines, Four corners, a Full bingo card, Centre squares, Horizontal lines, the Big X, etc.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is the most prominent, popular and universally-loved bingo variant. It is the game of choice for UK players and it features a unique strategic mindset that is absent in games like 75 ball bingo. This is the longer version of bingo and it contains numbers 1-90 on a 9 x 3 bingo card. In other words, there are 27 spaces spread across a grid of 3 rows and 9 columns. But not all of the spaces contain numbers; just 15 of them are numbered. Each row on a 90 ball bingo card contains 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. If you complete 1 row, you win a prize, if you complete 2 rows, you win a bigger prize and if you complete 3 rows (Full House), you win the grand prize. 90 ball bingo takes time because there are 15 more numbers than a traditional 75 ball bingo game, and 10 more numbers than an 80 ball bingo game. And since you’re only required to match a small number of called numbers, it can take some time to form winning combinations. If you’re playing 90 ball bingo at a land-based venue, you will typically manually daub your numbers. At an online bingo room, that is not necessary and you will be able to automatically have your numbers marked off once have been called out by the random number generator (RNG). Your prizes increase as you complete 1 line, 2 lines and finally a Full House, as explained above.

Bingo Odds

There has been tremendous speculation about the true house edge in games of bingo. Several Las Vegas bingo rooms reports a house edge of approximately 11% in bingo, but that does not negate the possibility of winning big in this exciting chance-based game. There are ways and means to increase your odds by playing smart bingo. Of course, it is impossible to have any impact on the game once you’re actually playing and the numbers are being called. Your advantage as a player begins in the preparation leading up to your bingo game. These are some of the things that you should look out for when playing online bingo:

  • Choose your preferred bingo variant carefully – not all games have the same odds.
  • Choose the price of your bingo cards carefully, since lower-priced bingo cards will typically be played by more players than higher-priced bingo cards. As you know, bingo is a numbers game and the more players that are participating in a game the lower your chances become. You can increase your potential payouts by playing more expensive bingo cards as this thins out the proverbial herd.
  • Choose the right times to play bingo games. Did you know that most players are likely to play after work, and on weekends? You may wish to play bingo games during the day, early in the morning, late at night, or any other time where less players will be competing for the jackpot prize pool.
  • Choose the right bingo bonus to get maximum bang for your buck. If you can play real money bingo games on the house, why not? It’s all about maximizing your bankroll and your fun – so use your bingo bonus wisely.

At a traditional bingo hall, it’s easy to see how many people are competing for the jackpot prize pool, or the coverall jackpot. You simply look around and you will know how stiff the competition is. At an online bingo room, this is not always possible because you will not see other players per se, although you will have an opportunity to chat with them in bingo chat rooms. You will be able to gauge player volume by the activity in bingo chat rooms, and the frequency of bingo calls being made while games are in progress.

That is why it is imperative to switch things up and play at all hours in order to boost your winning chances. There are fabulous tools available to you as a bingo player to help you estimate – or guesstimate – how many bingo cards are currently in play. Use bingo calculators to your advantage. Remember, you don’t always need to complete a full bingo card or a winning pattern to win – sometimes you can win with one to go or 1-T-G.

Bingo Bonuses to Beat the Odds

One of the ways to increase your winning chances is to decrease the amount that you spend playing bingo. If you consider that bingo is a chance-based game, why take more chances than you need to with your own money? Therefore, the best way for you to increase your winning chances in bingo is to play more games with less of your own money. Let’s take a look at bingo bonuses and how you can use them to your advantage when playing real-money bingo games.

  • Welcome deposit bonus

 As a new player at CasinoCruise, you are privy to an exciting selection of promotional offers. The welcome bonus package is especially enticing since you get up to $1,000 free + 100 free spins. That’s just one of many promo offers that you can enjoy at our online casino. As a new player, the welcome bonus package is an incentive for you to sign up and play. The bigger your welcome bonus, the more games you can play.

  • No deposit bingo bonuses

Depending on where you play bingo, you may qualify for a no deposit bonus. This can be considered free cash. The reason that you may be given a no deposit bonus is usually an enticement for you to play with the expectation that you will make a deposit at some future point. Online bingo rooms that are confident about their game offerings, jackpots, and the quality of their service have no problem offering no deposit bingo bonuses. Remember: quality always shines through!

  • Rewards!

Rewards come in many different shapes and sizes, including friend referral offers. Once you’re having fun playing bingo, there is nothing stopping you from inviting your friends and family to come on over and enjoy exciting online bingo games. When you refer your friend and he/she makes a deposit, rewards will be offered to your friend and to you. The good thing about friend referral bonuses is that there is no cap on how many you qualify for. The more you play, the greater your rewards. As an online bingo player at CasinoCruise you will be privy to one of the finest rewards programs in the business. And that’s precisely why it pays to play bingo with us. Rewards put you in contention for things like prize draws, bingo tournaments, first crack at exciting new games, invitations to exclusive events and the like. The purpose of bonuses and rewards is to allow you to play as many different games as possible at reduced cost. Since bingo is such a happening game, there is always something exciting around the corner.

Get on Board with Bingo at CasinoCruise!

CasinoCruise features a classic bingo game known as Super Bonus Bingo. This game is powered by Microgaming software and it is available in a free play mode or a real-money mode, direct off your browser. All you need to do is select between 2 & 10 numbers and then hit the play button. Your wagers in the game start from as little as 0.05 all the way up to 40 currency units per game. Super Bonus Bingo is packed full of features, and it has the ideal paytable to show you precisely which combinations you can hit and how much you will be paid out for your winnings. As you increase the quantity of numbers that you pick between 2 & 10, so your potential payouts increase accordingly. You highlighted numbers will be displayed in blue on the board and once you have completed your selections, you can click the play button to get things going. If you score 10 hits, you will get paid out x 10,000 your wager. You can repeat your bets by clicking on the said button!

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