Play Blackjack Wisely with These Tips

The appeal of blackjack stems from its healthy combination of chance and strategy. The cards that you get are dependent on the luck of the draw, but there is a fair amount of skill that comes into play with those who apply themselves. You may not be able to control the cards that come your way, but you can tip the scale in your favor by sticking to these simple blackjack tips.

Follow Basic Strategy

Learning basic strategy is the very best thing you can do to increase your chances of success – this strategy has been developed mathematically in order to determine the best play in relation to the dealer’s cards and will bring down the advantage that the house has.


Practice makes perfect, and this certainly applies when you play blackjack. Most online casinos allow you to practice the game for free; take this opportunity to improve your skills before bringing your money into play.

Avoid Taking Insurance

When the dealer shows an ace as his up-card, you’ll have the option to “insure” your bet against the possibility of him getting blackjack; the wager must be half your initial bet, and it pays out 2:1. This seems like a good bet because if the dealer does get blackjack, you’ll basically get your money back, but this way of thinking ignores the odds: the dealer will only draw a 10-value card in this situation 30.8% of the time, meaning that nearly 70% of the time, you’ll lose your insurance bet.

Beware of Risky Betting Systems

Some people who play blackjack online make use of betting systems in which they increase bets after losses. The Martingale, for example, requires you to double your bet after every loss. This is extremely risky! We all know how easy it can be to find yourself stuck in a losing streak, and employing this system in such a time could see you depleting your entire bankroll within just a few short rounds.

Look After Your Money

Since online play means that you can get your blackjack fix at any time and for as long as you want, you could end up playing a lot longer than you intended to. Before starting with your session, decide on an appropriate bankroll and make sure that you stick with it – if you lose it all, you shouldn’t be tempted to simply deposit more and carry on; a break could be good for you!

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