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The house waits for your cameras on a time to win! You and the dealer, face to face, with the most chances for you to win. This action is Live Casino Cruise BlackJack Special Deal, alone with a dealer or enjoying the high bets of a joined table. This is where the magic happens, this is what makes a win legendary – one click and Game ON!

Live Online Blackjack is the most popular game in the world! It is played with 1 to 8 decks of cards that are continuously reshuffled, with the exact odds of the game changing with the number of decks. Given that all the decks are reshuffled every round there’s little point in card counting since the deck doesn’t change significantly in one round to make a probability difference in the draw. A better way of figuring out the next right move to play is based on your Hand Value and the dealer’s open card.


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Skill and Strategy

Live blackjack involves a combination of skill and strategy to successfully come closer than the dealer does to a total score of 21. The fact that the game is played live and in real time rather than in a delayed sequence of separate plays between the dealer and players may present a challenge in terms of quick-thinking, but also more closely resembles actual casino-type games where players sit before a dealer at the same felt-lined table. Of course, when playing online, the money saved by not having to tip the dealer can fund future hands. Skills required to play live blackjack online are only marginally different from those needed at a physical casino table. In addition to a mastery of the rules of the game and an adherence to basic strategy, live blackjack players must compensate for the invisibility of the dealer and his decks of cards. Of course, card counting is generally prevented by the use of multiple decks per shoe and by reshuffling. While the possibilities of the actual cards being dealt online may not differ from those in an offline game, it is important to know in advance whether the online dealer reshuffles at the end of each hand. This can change the likelihood of receiving certain cards in subsequent games during a session.

Time Is On Your Side

Whenever playing blackjack live, time is a factor as both the players and a dealer are virtually present. The most confident players anticipate which cards in the shoe could contribute to their own winning hand and which cards would necessitate to folding so as to avoid surpassing a score of 21. Anticipating the next card and knowing in advance how to respond allows the best players to advance quickly by either standing or asking for another hit. The faster the move, the sooner the next game can begin. Usually, it is possible to play live blackjack online against only the dealer, another distinct advantage of online play. More games can be played in a single session, since there is no waiting for opponents to make their moves, and the dealer must follow certain house rules without weighing choices of how respond. Typically, this benefits the intelligent blackjack player interested in repeated success. Despite the temptation to push the odds, adherence to basic strategy greatly increases the chance of winning hands when playing live casino blackjack.

Tips-Live blackJack

Since this is Live Online Casino, you’ll have the time to check the tips table below whenever you need advice. After receiving your two initial cards you have a decision to make based on them and the dealer’s hole card. Make sure if you’ve got a Hard (lacks an Ace) Soft (contains an Ace) hand and add up your Hand Value to see which line fits. If the dealer’s open card falls within the Condition, we recommend Action A. If the dealer’s open card falls out of the Condition, we recommend Action B and the same for action C. After hitting and drawing a card, add up your new Hand Value and check the table again to see what the right move is.

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Licensing and regulation

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